wrap & roll platter (white rolls only) – small

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$33.70 (Ex. GST)


$33.70 (Ex. GST)

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Product Description

A great combination of two (2) wraps and three (3) mini dinner rolls from Noisette filled with a selection of tender proteins, flavoursome condiments and an array of either fresh and or marinated vegetables.
This platter contains seven (7) cut pieces.
Serves 2-3
Ideal for a larger meeting or gathering.
UPDATE - AS OF MONDAY 17TH JANUARY 2022 & until further notice, WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO PROVIDE WHITE ROLLS.  WE APOLOGISE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.    Please note:  two (2) days notice require for a rye or seeded option in the dinner rolls.  If less notice than this, all dinner rolls will be white.